Breaking the waters

Breaking the Waters

Sometimes you have to dive deep before you can break free.

Midwife Sarah wants to be more reliable than nature. A childhood tragedy and the bullying Sister Brenda have convinced her that control is more important than compassion if you want to survive on the Labour Ward. She trusts no one, least of all herself. But one day Sarah goes too far. Disaster erupts, and Sarah gets the blame.

Forced to leave her job and move to a sleepy seaside backwater, Sarah struggles to rebuild her shattered life. Her disabled brother introduces her to an eccentric assortment of wild swimmers. Sarah takes her first fearful steps towards real friendships and the freedom of the open water.

But friendship means taking risks. And when her pregnant swimming teacher is in danger, Sarah is faced with the biggest risk of her life.

In the end you have to trust something bigger than rules. Something unpredictable. Something deep inside.

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Breaking the Waters is my new novel, coming soon.

On the verge of burnout, a lonely and bullied midwife is unexpectedly plunged into new and liberating adventures with a group of  wild swimmers.  But when her pregnant swimming teacher is in danger, Sarah must learn to trust herself and take big risks before her fears destroy everything she cares about most.

Cover Design by Helena Napier Coming Soon!

I am so excited to have artist, illustrator and open water swimmer Helena Napier preparing the cover design for Breaking the Waters.