Karen Lawrence

About Me

I wrote my first book at the age of five. It was called ‘Terry the Lonely Dragon’. I have forgotten the plot details, but I do recall that it was lavishly illustrated and gained some critical acclaim from my parents and teachers. I still remember how much I enjoyed creating it.
Through my teens and early twenties I generated copious diaries, much embarrassing poetry, several attempts at playscripts and a short (mercifully unpublished) novella. Several lovely people encouraged me to write. Then life took over. Children (seven of them!), proper jobs and domestic practicalities kept me occupied. Writing seemed too frivolous to pursue.
Fast forward to 2020. I had been editing a novel script for a friend, and was constantly pestering him with exciting new plot twists . He gently persuaded me to try writing something of my own.
Raw memories of my brief midwifery career coincided with my love of outdoor swimming to suggest a story I was excited about sharing. I was ready to write my first proper novel. The only problem was that I was far too busy with my thriving little Yoga and Reflexology business. I couldn’t find time to focus on my book.
Hello Pandemic! Coronavirus swept the country and closed my Yoga studio overnight. I had no more excuses. Time to get writing!
Halfway through the novel I took a break to write a non-fiction book, Finding Your Calm Space Drawing on my Yoga teaching background, this little book offers thirty-one ways to find calm in a crazy world.  It is available in Kindle and Paperback editions from Amazon.
I’m still working on novels and haven’t published one yet (it’s a lot of work!) but watch this space. My work-in-progress is a thriller about outlaw midwives in a dystopian future London.  It’s called The Last Midwife.
In the meantime I am also writing regular blogs, haiku, and the occasional short story or poem. You can read these at this website. I very much hope you will find something here to make you smile, reflect or see something in a new light.